Are you looking for the industry standard in professional headset mics


DeskPhone is a market leading provider of office systems based. Get all the guidance you need to design, plan and integrate it successfully from our professional services teams. Frequent calls that are made from a work or home office require a headset that works well with both phone and video calls, as well as with audio conferencing. Are you looking for the industry standard in professional headset mics? The dongle’s different colored LED lights indicate when your headset is connected, when you’re in music mode, and when a call is active. Its microphone cartridges are specifically designed to capture human voice so the speaker comes through loud and clear. Take a look at our microphone rentals and find the perfect solution for your event. The right wireless headset will offer all-day comfort, ease of use, and stereo sound for a better music listening experience. We outline the best picks for those in our full Bluetooth headset guide. DeskPhone provide unlimited free UK based support for all our VoIP and Mobile customers. An included USB dongle allows you to pair the headset to your computer and phone via Bluetooth. I was hoping to find a simple analog headset to Bluetooth adapter, but if one does not exist yet, I will go that route. The headset is also bluetooth enabled, so I use the same wireless headset. The headset microphone rental delivers the same sound whether the person is looking up, down, straight ahead or to the side. This professional headset series offers all the essential features of a wireless headset, with simple designs at an attractive price point. The digital wireless microphone kit is secure, durable, offers scalable hardware solutions and intelligent battery technology. The V175 headset is a great choice for that, and if you add the VEHS-C1, you will have remote answer capability as well! Do you need help selecting the right microphone for your production? When your production demands excellence, renting the Gooseneck microphone is the right choice! However, if you need a headset with stereo sound, and a headset that doesn’t have limited battery life, then the picks in this guide are a better choice than a Bluetooth option. If you are looking for one headset to use both in and out of the office, then I understand your interest in Bluetooth. The Microflex microphone provides the added length (12 inch or 18 inch desktop base with 10’ cable) and flexibility demanded by speakers in environments like lecterns on large-sized stages. DeskPhone is renowned for it’s simple setup process.